The natives are becoming restless.

Help me. They can smell the fear. Only one day remains on the calendar until their release, and they’re scratching the walls. They have begun to become violent, picking fights and yelling obscenities.

Still, others have become lethargic, believing that freedom is a mirage that will fade once they believe it’s possible.

Packs of them circle me, blocking my path from sure escape.

Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack (Photo credit: Cocoabiscuit)

“Can I go to the bathroom?” they ask. Others need a drink, and some need to know if they can change seats.

Yes, folks. It’s 5th and 6th grade – one day before Thanksgiving break. I have become weary from this journey. Provisions are running low, but the end is in sight. A weaker woman would have surely perished by now, but I trudge forth, past the Sea of Parent Emails and the Land of Lesson Planning.

Send me courage and strength, my friends. And also Starbucks. That will do wonders.


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I observe the world and say what everyone is thinking, but is too afraid to say.

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  1. I only teach on Thursdays, which sadly is Turkey day. Poor me. Poor YOU! Their brains fall out about a week before a break!

  2. I distinctly remember wondering why my teachers tended to get this odd defeated look whenever breaks drew near. Guess teachers everywhere all feel it huh? 🙂 Hang in there!

  3. And then you have Christmas to deal with! I feel for you, I really do.

  4. Yes, this is the glorious time of year…and then the lead up to Christmas, just fantastic for instruction.

  5. Oh boy! Best of luck. It’s a shame Christmas comes so quickly after Thanksgiving.

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